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Which Pakistani Actor will be starring in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’ ?

A. Javaid sheikh
B. Fawad khan
C. Humayun Saeed
D. None of these
Answer: C

How many Green Line Buses will cover a track of 21 km in Karachi?

A. 70
B. 75
C. 80
D. 85
Answer: C

Green Line bus service becomes fully operational from __________?

A. 9th January 2022
B. 10th January 2022
C. 11th January 2022
D. None of these
Answer: B

23 persons founded dead inside vehicles in Murree recently . The reason of death is _______?

A. Carbon Monoxide
B. hypothermia
C. accident
D. None of these
Answer: A

First Museum of Pakistan established in Karachi on?

A. 17 April 1951
B. 17 April 1950
C. 17 May 1950
D. 25 April 1950
Answer: B

Who has been nominated as 1st Female Judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan?

A. Justice Noor Mujataba
B. Justice Ayesha Malik
C. Justice Ayesha Baig.
D. Justice Iqra hayat
Answer: B

In Surah ________, every verse ends with letter ‘Ra’.

A. Buruj
B. Dariq
C. Kausar
D. Shams
Answer: C

In Surah __________, every verse ends with letter ‘Dal’.

A. Iqra
B. Ikhlas
C. Falaq
D. Balad
Answer: B

First agriculture reforms in Pakistan?

A. June 24, 1959
B. Jan 24, 1956
C. June 30, 1959
D. Jan 24, 1959
Answer: A

Agro Museum is in___________?

A. Faisalabad
B. Multan
C. Hyderabad
D. Peshawar
Answer: A

Who was the second Governor-General of Pakistan?

A. Liaquat Ali Khan
B. Abdul Rab Nishter
C. Raja Ghazanfar
D. Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din
Answer: D

The total Track’s length of Railways in Pakistan is:

A. 5740 kilometres (3566 mi)
B. 12929 kilometres (8033 mi)
C. 7300 kilometres (4536 mi)
D. 11,881 kilometres (7,383 mi)
Answer: D

Surah ____________ is revealed in respect of Ahle Bayt.

A. Baqarah
B. Luqman
C. Dahr
D. Nisa
Answer: C

In Microsoft Word the shortcut SHIFT+DELETE is used to____________?

A. Delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin
B. Copy the selected item
C. Rename the selected item
D. Create a shortcut to the selected item
Answer: A

In Microsoft Word, Macros are_____________?

A. Small programs created in MS-Word to automate repetitive tasks by using VBA
B. Small add-on programs that are installed afterwards if you need them
C. Programming language that you can use to customize MS-Word
D. Large tools in Word such as mail merge

Answer: A

In Microsoft Word, A template stores:______________?

A. Graphics, text, styles, macros
B. Customized word command setting
C. Auto text entries
D. All of above
Answer: D

Which of these toolbars allows changing of Fonts and their sizes in Microsoft Word?

A. Standard
B. Formatting
C. Print Preview
D. None of these
Answer: B

Where can you find the Draw Table tool button in Microsoft Word?

A. Formatting toolbar
B. Drawing toolbar
C. Standard toolbar
D. Tables and Formatting toolbar
Answer: D

27 attributes of Allah, mentioned in __________ Surah.

A. Yaseen
B. Ma’ida
C. Rahman
D. Hadeed
Answer: D

How many Surahs of the Holy Quran start with the word ‘Qad’ ?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: B


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