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In a very low temperature, which of the following water body will freeze at last?

(A) River water

(B) Sea water

(C) Canal water

(D) Water in a lake

Answer: (B) Sea water


Wind is caused by

(A) Rotation of the Earth

(B) Revolution of the Earth

(C) Difference in atmospheric temperature

(D) Difference in atmospheric pressure

Answer: (D) Difference in atmospheric pressure


About how much area of Antarctica (in percentage) is covered with ice?

(A) 70%

(B) 82%

(C) 90%

(D) 98%

Answer: (D) 98%


Which of the following country is NOT among the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or QUAD?

(A) India

(B) Australia

(C) United States

(D) United Kingdom

Answer: (D) United Kingdom

The four QUAD countries are: Australia, India, Japan and the United States.


Which planet of the solar system is easily visible from the Earth?

(A) Mercury

(B) Venus

(C) Mars

(D) Jupiter

Answer: (B) Venus


The region of “Tibet” is currently under control of

(A) China

(B) India

(C) Taiwan

(D) United States

Answer: (A) China


What divides the Earth into the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres?

(A) Axis of rotation

(B) Equator

(C) North Pole

(D) South Pole

Answer: (B) Equator


The peak of which mountain is the point that is farthest from the center of the Earth?

(A) Mount Everest

(B) K2

(C) Nanga Parbat

(D) Chimborazo mountain

Answer: (D) Chimborazo mountain


Light Year is used to measure

(A) distance

(B) time

(C) speed

(D) momentum

Answer: (A) distance


The headquarter of Transparency International is located in

(A) New York

(B) Washington

(C) Paris

(D) Berlin

Answer: (D) Berlin


NATO is a/an _______ alliance.

(A) military

(B) economic

(C) regional

(D) cultural

Answer: (A) military


The science of lightning is called

(A) Aerology

(B) Meteorology

(C) Electeorology

(D) Fulminology

Answer: (D) Fulminology


Ocean currents are directional movements of

(A) electrical charge

(B) mechanical charge

(C) seawater

(D) salt in the seawater

Answer: (C) seawater


The current vice president of the United States is

(A) Joe Biden

(B) Kamala Harris

(C) Michael Pompeo

(D) Mike Pence

Answer: (B) Kamala Harris


Which country won the most medals in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 (played in 2021)?

(A) China

(B) Japan

(C) Russia

(D) United States

Answer: (D) United States


How many member countries are of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD)?

(A) 4

(B) 6

(C) 8

(D) 10

Answer: (A) 4


As of November 2021, the only country constructing “Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker” is

(A) Sweden

(B) Russia

(C) Norway

(D) United States

Answer: (B) Russia


Which country is currently the largest producer of “Uranium”?

(A) Canada

(B) Brazil

(C) Australia

(D) Kazakhstan

Answer: (D) Kazakhstan


IPCC presented its 2021 report on 9 August 2021. IPCC stands for

(A) International Program on Climate Change

(B) International Program to Curtail Change

(C) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


Which Country will host Champion Trophy 2025 announced by ICC?

(A) Austria

(B) Pakistan

(C) India

(D) South Africa

Answer: (B) Pakistan

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