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What is the new name of Debal?

A. Gawadar
B. Makran
C. Banbhore
D. Port Qasim
Answer: C

Who coined the name of Pakistan?

A. Sir Syed Ahmed
B. Liaqat Ali Khan
C. Quaid-e-Azam
D. Choudhry Rehmat Ali
Answer: D

Which method is used to connect a remote Computer?

A. Device
B. Dialup
C. Logic Circuit
D. None of these
Answer: B

Stupa is the sacred place of________?

A. Shintoism
B. Jainism
C. Buddhism
D. Hinduism
Answer: C

Greatest Miracle of Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ?

A. Holy Quran
B. Reviving the Dead
C. Creating a living bird
D. None of these
Answer: A

Which District connects to all Four Provinces of Pakistan?

A. Kashmore
B. Rajanpur
C. Dera Ghazi Khan
D. Haripur
Answer: C

Consensus of opinion stands for____________?

A. Ijtehad
B. Qiyas
C. Ijma
D. Jury
Answer: C

What is the literal meaning of Shariah__________?

A. A clear straight path
B. Instructions to follow
C. Making a new laws
D. Making new Islamic system
Answer: A

What is the meaning of Zarb-e-Azb?

A. Long Strike & Swift
B. Swift & Sharp Strike
C. Fast Strike & Sharp
D. Sharp & Cutting Strike
Answer: D

Hazrat Imam Tirmazy was a student of_____________?

A. Imam Bukhari
B. Imam Abu Dawood
C. Bukhari Sharif,Ibne Dawood
D. Muta,Ibne Maja
Answer: B

After sleeping for a 100 years, he again woke up:

A. Hazrat Uzair (AS)
B. Hazrat Musa (AS)
C. Hazrat Salih (AS)
D. None of above
Answer: A

Dyarchy was first introduced in the Act of ___________?

A. 1909
B. 1919
C. 1935
D. None of these
Answer: B

Which Pass is also known as Toba Kaker Pass?

A. Khojak Pass
B. Tochi Pass
C. Khyber Pass
D. Lawari Pass
Answer: A

Proteins are made up of _________?

A. Polynucleotide
B. Polypeptide
C. Oxyacetylene
D. None of these
Answer: B

Dehli Proposal was presented by Quaid e Azam in which year ?

A. 1928
B. 1927
C. 1916
D. None of these
Answer: B

Time duration of a Senator is __________?

A. 5 years
B. 6 years
C. 7 years
D. 8 years
Answer: B

How many pieces has each player in chess game?

A. 12
B. 14
C. 16
D. 18
Answer: C

Who is considered as “The Father of Chinese Artificial Satellite”?

A. Zhao Jiuzhang
B. Zhang Jie
C. Sir Charles Kuen Kao
D. Tsung-Dao Lee
Answer: A

Which physicist is called “the father of the Chinese atomic bomb”?

A. Frédéric Joliot-Curie
B. Qian Sanqiang
C. Chen-Ning Franklin Yang
D. Wang Ganchang
Answer: B

Google celebrated the _______ birthday in the honour of Dr Ruth Pfau’s?

A. 70th
B. 80th
C. 90th
D. None of these
Answer: C

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