Importance of Trees

Forestry mcqs

Important medicinal plants occurring in different provinces of Pakistan are:

A.Boluchistan: Ephedra nebrodensis, Juniperis excelsa, Ferula foetida, Glycyrrhiza glabra B.Sindh: Cassia angustifolia, Ricinus communis, Commiphora mukul, Citrulus colocynthis C.Punjab: Cannabis sativa, Fumaria indica, Cassia fistula, dhatoda vesica, Datura alba D.KPK: Artimestia maritime, Hyoscyamus niger, Dioscorea deltoidea, Valeriana wallichii E.All of the above

Forestry mcqs

Fuel wood is:

A.Wood has a significant role to play in meeting the domestic energy requirements B.Wood fuels must replace commercial fuels to save the scarce foreign exchange and release natural gas for better and more productive utilization C.Both (a) & (b) D.None of these