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Don River located in which country?

B. India
C. Australia
D. Russia
Answer: D

Real Name of Pakistani play back singer Noor Jahan?

A. Zaib un Nisa
B. Malika Taranum
C. Allah Rakha Wasai
D. Wasai Bibi
Answer: C

Which is known as the “lungs of the world”?

A. Himalaya
B. Africa
C. Amazon
D. Sunderban
Answer: C

After World War I , Which Muslim Empire disintegrated?

A. Abbasids
B. Umayyad
C. Ottoman
D. Mughal
Answer: C

The Aeroplane that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima was ___________?

A. Enola Gay
B. Black Light
C. White Storm
D. Thunder Power
Answer: A

What is referred to as the Sorrow of China ___________?

A. Taklamakan Desert
B. Tibetan region
C. The Yellow River
D. Nie Mongol
Answer: C

The D-Day operation during 2nd world war was launched on the coast of __________?

A. Dunkirk
B. Normandy
C. Gibraltar
D. Hamburg
Answer: B

Nubian Monuments are located in _________?

A. Saudi Arabia
B. Syria
C. Egypt
D. Iraq
Answer: C

Buckingham Palace is located in __________?

A. London
B. Berlin
C. Moscow
D. Paris
Answer: A

Who is author of the book “SHAMEFUL FLIGHT”?

A. Stanely Wolpert
B. William Arthur
C. Dr. Ishrat Hussain
D. Robert William
Answer: A

The outermost layer of skin is the__________?

A. endodermis
B. dermis
C. epidermis
D. hypodermis
Answer: C

Which are the largest of the white blood cells?

A. lymphocytes
B. eosinophils
C. basophils
D. monocytes
Answer: D

The instrument that measures temperature, pressure, and humidity at various altitudes in the atmosphere ___________?

A. Barograph
B. Radiosonde
C. Aneroid barometer
D. Altimeter
Answer: B

The species that flower are called ______________?

A. Gymnosperms
B. Bryophytes
C. Angiosperms
D. Algae
Answer: C

Basidiospores are considered to be a major source of ___________?

A. airborne allergens
B. water borne allergens
C. animal faeces
D. bio-weapon
Answer: A

Pollutants that are introduced into the environment by human activity are called as ___________?

A. Qualitative pollutants
B. Quantitative pollutants
C. Anthropogenic pollutant
D. All of Above
Answer: C

An example of an abiotic component __________?

A. Plants
B. Soil
C. Animals
D. Bacteria
Answer: B

What is the mass of the Sun?

A. 1.5×10 Power 30 Kg
B. 1.98×10 Power 30 Kg
C. 4.5×10 Power 30 Kg
D. 8×10 Power 30 Kg
Answer: B

What is the temperature at the center of the Sun?

A. 6 million °C
B. 10 million °C
C. 15 million °C
D. 20 million °C
Answer: C

The top atmosphere of the Earth directly reflects back into space nearly what part of the total amount of sun’s energy coming to it?

A. 10%
B. 20%
C. 30%
D. 50%
Answer: C

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