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Central Superior Service (CSS) is the highest-level examination for those seeking employment regularly i.e. Grade 17 in government departments at the federal and provincial levels in Pakistan.

It is a broad exam which requires candidates to write diverse subjects, including English Essays, Islamiat, Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Everyday Science and optional subjects with 600 marks according to the choice of the candidates. To learn more about the details of the syllabus, refer to the CSS Syllabus.

The importance of a Study Plan

CSS Exam

Effective and efficient study plans are the key element to a successful outcome on the CSS Exam. Written Exam will be the very first step, and it’s the ideal time to plan for this exam efficiently for the next step. 60% marks on the written test are the minimum standard set by successful candidates. 60% scores 720 marks out of 1200 marks for the written portion of the CSS Exam. Every candidate who is aspiring should be able to set the bar in the written test.

5-6 months is thought to be as a suitable time to study for the CSS Exam. There are some instances of people who have managed to get past passing the CSS Exam in three months of preparation. The hard work of a lifetime is no substitute, but well-directed and focused hard work is needed.

What is the best way to I Make a Study Plan

People learn differently according to their personality or interest, and also their strategy. Many of the successful CSS Qualifiers have shared stories about their plans for studying. We will briefly review a few of them.

Study Plan No.1

We are all aware of the reality that twelve subjects worth 1200 marks comprise the written part of the CSS Exam. Therefore, it is necessary to start by studying them. The 12 subjects can be planned according to the schedule of a candidate who wants to be able to pass the CSS Exam. 12 subjects can be studied for six days a week. with 2 subjects each day.

  • Monday: Essay + Islamiat.
  • Tuesday: Current Affairs + Pakistan Affairs.
  • Wednesday: Everyday Science + English Composition.
  • Thursday: 2 optional subjects (let’s assume Chemistry)
  • Friday: 2 optional subjects (let’s imagine that it’s that it’s Political Science)
  • Saturday: 2 optional subjects (let’s assume Environmental Science + Punjabi).

A minimum of two hours per day for the same subject is a great time to plan your study. Additionally, you must read one English or an Urdu paper to keep current with the latest information.

Study Plan No. 2.

Examine the compulsory subjects on alternate days like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while optional subjects could be studied on Thursday, Tuesday, and Saturday. This requires 4-5 hours each day of study.

Study Plan No. 3

Give each student one week of optional subjects to cover them. Then focus on compulsory subjects. If we allocate each week to each subject it will take three months to complete the entire cycle of subjects.

Study Plan No. 4.

Set aside 6 hours a day, and allocate 30 minutes to each area. This is a plan for people who have to create CSS for over a year.

CSS Exam Commonly Answered Questions


What is the difference between CSS Exam and PMS Exam?


CSS Exam

CSS Exam is administered by Federal Public Service Commission and is conducted every year to fill vacant the federal bureaucracy and civil department and PMS Exam is administered by the provincial Service Commissions. It is not held regularly and the candidates selected are put in the vacant posts in provincial bureaucracies.

Where are those CSS Exam selected candidates are selected?

The vacant seats are filled by these departments and in the services

  • Commerce and Trade Group
  • Customs and Excise Service
  • Foreign Services of Pakistan
  • Income Tax Group
  • Information Group
  • Military Lands and Cantonment Group
  • Office Management Group
  • Pakistan Administrative Service
  • Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  • Police Service of Pakistan
  • Postal Services Group
  • Railways (Commercial and Transportation) Group

What is the minimum age for CSS Exam? CSS Exam in Pakistan?

Eligible candidates must not be less than twenty-one years or over the age of thirty at the time of the cut-off date. In other words, the minimum age is 30.

Is there a minimum requirement necessary to take the CSS Exam in Pakistan?


Candidates must have at the very least a second division, or grade A bachelor’s degree with a C grade in any field at any of Pakistani Universities or an equivalent degree from an international university that is recognized through the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

If a candidate holds a third division or a D grade in his bachelor’s degree, he will be able to sit for the examination competitive in instances when he’s earned higher grades or a higher division in the master’s program.

How can I apply to sit for The CSS Exam in Pakistan?


Candidates must apply online on the FPSC website. Fee payment is to be made through the National Bank of Pakistan.


CSS Exam

What are the best subjects to choose that will be tested in your CSS Exam?

Subjects that can be optional must be chosen cautiously as a wrong choice can lead to failure. If you’re confused and are unsure of which subjects to pick Contact us. We offer free online assistance for those who are dedicated, hardworking, and do not require the assistance of any academy.

CSS Exam itself: CSS Exam itself:

In the next step, we will look at the test exam itself CSS is a holistic test that tests candidates across a variety of paths. Thus, to examine candidates across a range of possibilities the process of selection is broken down into four categories.

  • Theory Test
  • Medical Test
  • Psychological Test
  • Viva Voce

1.) CSS Pakistan Theory Exam:

Twelve CSS Pakistan subjects are part of the theoretical section. Six of them are compulsory and six optional. The total is 1200 marks to be awarded for CSS tests each CSS Pakistan subject will earn 100 marks. Candidates must score at least 40% marks in compulsory subjects and 33% for optional subjects to take the test for the theory of CSS. CSS.

  • Compulsory CSS Subjects
  • The mandatory CSS Pakistan subjects are:
  • English Essay
  • English (Precis as well as Composition)
  • General Science and ability
  • Current Affair
  • Pakistan Affair
  • Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions (for Non-Muslims)
  • Optional CSS Subjects

For the remaining 6, you can choose to select CSS Pakistan subjects. There are six subject buckets with many courses to choose from. Candidates are required to select one of the subjects they want to study within each bucket. It is important to select subjects with care since they could determine those who pass a CSS exam in the theory section and those who don’t. Do not just pick subjects that your friends have chosen or something that someone you’ve read on the internet said you’re a sure shot, or that you like what you heard about. Instead, conduct your research and choose every subject based on your strengths.

Here are some tips to remember when making your subjects to be included on your list.


Review the syllabus for each subject carefully before making any decisions. The entire course outline is on official websites.

Make use of your strengths. Select CSS Pakistan subjects you are familiar with or have learned about during your undergraduate studies, and so on. So you can get a head start in studying for the test.

Also, don’t simply go with the easy subjects since they often can be difficult to score very well in. Instead, consider what subjects have a significant scoring potential and carefully choose your subjects.

Furthermore, languages are also easy to score high in. If you can identify your mother tongue We strongly encourage you to pick the appropriate regional language for an option in your CSS Pakistan subjects in the optional category.

2.) CSS Pakistan Medical Exam:


Following their test in the theory Candidates will then be required to take an examination to confirm that they’re physically healthy. If they fail to meet the requirements for medical testing could result in the candidate being removed from the test.

3.) CSS Pakistan Psychological Exam:


Psychological tests are used to assess the mental health of the candidate and attitude, as well as behavioral aspects to determine whether they’re able to function as CSS agents at the national scale.

4) CSS Pakistan Viva Voce Exam:


And then, you’ll have to take the viva. It is an interview designed to test the candidate’s ability to communicate and also his/her general knowledge. The candidates’ intelligence and the ability to comprehend the situation and respond are evaluated. Therefore, we strongly advise candidates to regularly read the newspaper to keep up-to-date on the latest global news and trends since general knowledge cannot be acquired in just a few hours but is a process that takes time.

After you’ve become familiar with CSS Pakistan subjects, what is the application process, and how to apply, and more? It is now time to get started. Begin your journey towards being successful in the CSS exam in 2022 by signing up on Tabir. pk. Tabir. pk’s carefully designed preparation materials are not only the top video tutorials but also include more than Free Practice Papers questions so you can measure your improvement. So why are you waiting for m

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