Essay Topics for CSS

The Most Important Essay Topics for CSS 2022

One of the most compelling questions CSS students have is to know the most crucial essay subjects for CSS examinations. Therefore, aspirants need to understand which topics they must be prepared for and every angle to pass the essay test.

A few topics relate to international affairs, and some of them are related to national questions. Candidates must successfully pass the CSS essay test by scoring an average of forty points out of 100. The results of the CSS exam have revealed the previous results of CSS examinations that every year when the results are declared that the majority of candidates fail the essay. The primary reason for not passing the exam is that they do not practice their papers in they are preparing for their CSS preparation. They memorize the pertinent details and figures, but they have a lot of problems when they take the actual test. In our next blog post, we’ll offer the most effective tips and tricks to get through an essay on your first try.


The most crucial subjects can be found below. We’ve further categorized the topics to ensure that candidates have a more precise understanding of the aspects or areas they need to be focusing on. These topics were selected by analyzing the past papers. Thus, if applicants want to write essays based on past reports, they are able to prepare those mentioned.

The most important essay topics for CSS 2022.

Here are the top essay themes for CSS 2022.


Climate Change


Essay Topics for CSS

Climate change can be described as a change in the average weather conditions in a specific region for a specified amount of time. In the wake of climate changes, modifications in weather patterns can be observed. The temperature average of the area is affected, and so is the average amount of rain.

Due to the severe weather conditions in many regions around the globe, world leaders, academics, civil society groups, environmentalists, scientists, and others have been speaking out to reduce the harmful consequences of climate change.

Candidates may request this subject in various ways. For instance, they could be asked to write on,

Climate change: What does it mean? And how do we manage the crisis?

Global warming isn’t an untruth.

This crisis in the climate has become more severe in the 21st century.

The Global Climate Crisis:¬†Pakistan’s attempts to face the crisis.



Essay Topics for CSS

Islamophobia is a term used to describe the hatred and prejudice that people have towards Islam. It’s the terror of Islam in many non-Muslim countries, mainly Western countries. Muslims living in such countries are prone to physical and psychological attacks due to the widespread Islamophobic views.

While the issue has attracted international attention due to the surge in hate crimes committed against Muslims, it’s not an entirely new phenomenon. The origins of Islamophobia are traced to the late second decade of the 20th century.

Essays on Islamophobia

Islamophobia within the West

The causes and consequences of Islamophobia

What are the best ways Muslims must respond to the common Islamophobia that is a problem in non-Muslim countries?


Afghan Quagmire

Essay Topics for CSS


It is among the top crucial essay areas that will be considered for CSS 2022. Afghanistan is a volatile country. Afghanistan is in flux, and the examiner should not leave out this important topic.

Afghanistan has been in a constant state of conflict since the beginning of January 2001 when Nato forces under the auspices of the Global War on Terror struck the country. In the Global War on Terror, the United States of America led the Nato forces in the fight against Al-Qaida and its leader Usama-bin-Ladin. As a result, the Taliban and Nato administered Afghanistan following a direct military strike against them, which ended their rule. Since then, the Taliban have been fighting US-led Nato forces. Just recently, following lengthy and lengthy peace talks between the Taliban and Nato, the US, and other players, The International parties are now deciding to withdraw from the country.

Essays on the subject could be written;

Pakistan’s future policies toward Afghanistan.

American departure of Afghanistan as well as Implications to Pakistan.

India must correct its course following the Taliban control.

Is Afghanistan moving towards a new proxy war?


Gender-Based Violence


Essay Topics for CSS

Violence against women has long been a topic of discussion that is the subject of the CSS essay. The incidents of gender-based violence have multiplied over the past few times. Law enforcement agencies and other state institutions have been doing to take action against perpetrators. Several new laws have been enacted to protect transgender people and women from violence. The FPSC would like candidates to be aware of the gravity and dangers.

Candidates will be expected to write the following essays on the subject,

Women’s violence is a significant issue in Pakistan

Women’s rights in Islam

A woman’s name is fragile

Gender equality is an untruth


Reforming the Economy of Pakistan


Essay Topics for CSS


The essay on the economy of Pakistan is often asked in competitive examinations due to the significance of this subject. However, the economy of Pakistan has been in decline since its independence. Suppose we examine the historical roots behind the weak condition of the economy of Pakistan and come to the light that a partial, unfair treatment was handed out in Pakistan when assets were being divided between two newly-created nations in 1947. Since all industrial facilities were set up within India, Pakistan had to begin with a new foundation.

In recent times, there has been an increase in economic activity; however, due to the threat of rising public debt and external borrowing, the current situation is uncertain.

Expected essays

Economic development in Pakistan is a complex one with challenges and opportunities.

Effect of foreign aid on the development of Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan.

The economic crisis in Pakistan.

The impact of Covid-19 on Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan.

Do IMF bailout programs benefit from boosting the economic performance of Pakistan?


The Media’s Freedom in Pakistan


Essay Topics for CSS

In the past, the freedom of the media within Pakistan was subjected to changes with the change of power. This is a crucial issue for CSS 2022 since the federal government has been in place since its creation has been criticized for restricting and limiting certain aspects of journalists and media outlets.

In CSS exams, essays on this subject come with twisty quotes and statements.

I’m afraid I have to disagree with what you say. However, I will fight your right to speak it.

Media freedom in Pakistan: blessing or curse?

Media freedom and freedom of expression are the right to censorship in Pakistan.


Civil Service Reforms


Essay Topics for CSS

There’s been plenty of discussion and debate regarding reforms to the civil service in Pakistan. Moreover, in each election, the political parties of Pakistan have a plethora of strategies, concepts, and plans to change the outdated bureaucratic model.

The subject is put in the background as the government takes over. However, there are many issues to be faced when reforming the bureaucracy as well as civil service. Candidates must be aware of these challenges.

Critical essays for CSS 2022

Restructuring and reforming the Civil Service of Pakistan; challenges and opportunities.

Reforms to bureaucratic procedures in Pakistan.


The Democratic Process in Pakistan


Essay Topics for CSS

Democracy is a frequent subject throughout the CSS essay.

The democratic principles and standards are codified within Pakistan’s constitution Pakistan 1973. It is the reason of the reason Pakistan became an independent state in 1947.

In those in the Muslim world, Pakistan is the largest democratically-governed state. However, shortly after independence, the country was faced with many challenges. one of the biggest challenges was immediately threatening democracy in a dictatorship.

The military in the past has caused significant setbacks to the democratic process by essentially interfering in the political life in the nation. It’s a fact that the military’s previous management never wanted that the country’s democracy flourish.

Another factor that contributes to the weakness of the democratic system is the inefficiency and incompetence of the leadership. Following the tragic death of our nation’s great founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and the brutal assassination of Liaqat Ali Khan, There has never been a politician who has succeeded in gaining public trust and faith. This led to there was the challenge of a leadership gap.

Essays that are important to the topic

The democratic process in Pakistan Challenges and Opportunities.

Is the democracy to adversity in Pakistan?

Why has democracy not thrived in Pakistan?

Is Pakistan truly a democratic country?


Pakistan’s Water Crises


Essay Topics for CSS

Water is a vital commodity to live. It would be pointless to create paragraphs here about the significance of water on our planet. What makes the subject even more crucial in CSS examinations lies in the reality that our civilization is at risk due to the decreasing reservoirs of water.

The situation is dire in Pakistan because the country is declared water-scarce because of the lack of water per capita.

Researchers caution that Pakistan is headed to becoming a water-stressed nation in 2040.

The water crisis poses an immediate threat to the national unity in Pakistan.

Do we need more dams?

Pakistan’s water problem.


The State of Education in Pakistan

Essay Topics for CSS

It is a continuous method of learning. Every civilized society places particular importance on education since their future depends on the minds that are equipped with this powerful instrument.

The reality in Pakistan is dire in the field of education. Genuinely giving education is never our primary goal. Every government has massive plans to improve the education system in Pakistan; however, the reality is as it is.

Every year, the examiner has to ask the candidates to write a specific essay about education in CSS exams.

Below are the most critical subjects in education. Students must study this topic, prioritizing this topic.

The role of education in character building for the nation

Reforms to education in Pakistan

There are many problems with our education system in Pakistan

The education system makes people easy to lead, but it is challenging to drive, simple to control, but difficult to control.

It is imperative to plan seriously on technical schooling in Pakistan.

All of the essay topics are essential for CSS examinations. Candidates should study the issues using various sources and create their notes. The practice of essays regularly is necessary for passing the exam and earn high scores. Candidates should take a few minutes of exercise every week. They can begin with short paragraphs at the beginning. They must also create an outline of each essay, covering all dimensions.



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