19 June Telenor Quiz answers | Telenor app quiz

Telenor Quiz will respond today, June 19, 2021. These posts are the answer to my Telenor app quiz. My Telenor application wins free MB. Answers to Telenor Questions Correcting 100 Cor will help you win a Telenor Free MB.

19 June Telenor Quiz answers

Hello friend how are you I hope you are all well. This post is for all of you Pakistani brothers. Do you visit our site daily? Here you can find my Telenor Quiz of the Day update.

Get free internet data from Telenor
Get free internet data from Telenor
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Telenor has launched a new service. This service has become very popular among the people. People get free internet by answering daily questions. My Telenor app is very easy to use and Telenor packages are also provided very cheaply in this app. This is a great convenience for Telenor users. People also use this app because it is very easy to install the packages in it. If you have any problem with this app, you can call the Telenor helpline number and ask about this problem and you can easily Can solve this problem.

Here are the links to all the questions. You can see the answer and question directly from the link below. Visit our website daily for correct answers to daily questions.

Telenor Jobs in Pakistan 2021

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Are you looking for my Telenor app quiz answer? Now I have answered all the quizzes and won the quiz. Customers simply open the My Telenor app and then open the “Test Your Skills” menu here

All Pakistan Government 2021 Pak Army, Police, Ranger, Atom

My Telenor has given you 4 options on Telenor today and you have 5 questions to answer.

My Telenor Quiz today, in which country can you find a statue of Liberty? Where is the great place of the wall? In which country was the famous Eiffel Tower built? In which country are the famous pyramids of Giza located? Where can I find the Burj Khalifa?

Today is my Telenor app quiz
Q.1 What kind of animal is a “cobra”?
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Q.2 Which animal’s stripes are known on their skin as well as on their skin?
to tolerate
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Q.3 Which animal has 32 brains?

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Q.4 Which bird is known as waterproof feathers?

The bird
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Q.5 Which common animal of the form is known as color blind?

The crowd
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