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How many countries are in UNO?

(a) 191

(b) 192

(c) 193

(d) 194

Answer: (c) 193

Who is US Secretary of State in 2018:

(a) Sarah Pallin

(b) Hillary Clinton

(c) Mike Pompeo

(d) None of the above

Answer: (c) Mike Pompeo

Hujin Tao was president of:

(a) France

(b) China

(c) Japan

(d) Belgium

Answer: (b) China

1 square foot is equal to:

(a) 36 square inches

(b) 72 square inches

(c) 120 square inches

(d) 144 Square Inches

Answer: (d) 144 Square Inches

The Sea border in the “Gulf of Tonkin” is disputed between China and:

(a) Japan

(b) Thailand

(c) Vietnam

(d) Philippines

Answer: (c) Vietnam

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant has been closed permanently. It was located in _______

(a) Ukraine

(b) Kazakhstan

(c) Belarus

(d) Latvia

Answer: (a) Ukraine

Who was Pakistan’s first permanent representative in the United Nations?

(a) Sir Zafarullah Khan

(b) Pitras Bukhari

(c) M.A.H. Isphani

(d) Begum Feroz Khan Noon

Answer: (a) Sir Zafarullah Khan

16th October each year is observed throughout the World as:

(a) World Food Day

(b) No Tobacco Day

(0) Press Freedom Day

(d) Human Rights Day

Answer: (a) World Food Day

The first country which recognized Pakistan after its creation was:

(a) Afghanistan

(b) Iran

(c) Saudi Arabia

(d) Egypt

Answer: (b) Iran

National Democratic Front of Bodoland is struggling for a separate homeland in the Indian State of:

(a) Goa

(b) Assam

(c) Nagaland

(d) Bihar

Answer: (b) Assam

Pakistan’s biggest and most powerful “Radio Station” is:

(a) Islamabad

(b) Lahore

(c) Karachi

(d) Peshawar

Answer: (a) Islamabad

In which constitution Pakistan was officially declared the Islamic Republic:

(a) 1956

(b) 1962

(c) 1973

(d) 1975

Answer: (a) 1956

Pakistan’s first news agency was:

(a) Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)

(b) Pakistan Press International (PPI)

(0) National News International (NNI)

(d) Independent News of Pakistan (INP)

Answer: (a) Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)

Pakistan’s highest railway station (from sea level) is:

(a) Quetta

(b) Peshawar

(c) Jhal Magsi

(d) Kan Mehtaizai

Answer: (d) Kan Mehtaizai

Identify Pakistan’s largest gas-fired power plant:

(a) Faisalabad Gas Turbine Power Plant

(b) Uch Power Plant

(c) Gomal Power Plant

(d) Malakand Dargai Power Plant

Answer: (b) Uch Power Plant

When was “Objectives Resolution” Passed?

(a) 1948

(b) 1949

(c) 1950

(d) 1951

Answer: (b) 1949

The longest reigning monarch of the present World is:

(a) The King of Japan

(b) The King of Bhutan

(c) The King of Thailand

(d) The King of Sweden

Answer: (c) The King of Thailand

The Constitution of Azad Kashmir was promulgated in:

(a) 1962

(b) 1969

(c) 1974

(d) 1978

Answer: (c) 1974

The first private Airline operating in Pakistan was:

(a) Shaheen

(b) Bhoja

(c) Orient

(d) Hajvairy

Answer: (b) Bhoja

What is meant by “Petticoat Government”?

(a) A government in exile

(b) A government run by a woman

(c) A government without actual powers

(d) A government run by some feudal lords

Answer: (b) A government run by a woman

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