English Essay Mistakes CSS Students

8 Deadly English Essay Mistakes CSS Students Do

This Article based on English Essay Mistakes CSS Students Do. Many Competitive Exam candidates trips over the same obstacles when they take the English essay exam. For instance, many applicants cannot see past the prompt’s superficiality to create an essay that reflects their character and passion, bias, and prejudice. Their arguments in the EssayEssay reflect the truth of their personal opinions, whether they are right or wrong, which will be the only thing the FPSC Examiner decides. Specific candidates make arguments without incorporating logic of common sense, common sense, data and figures, and an individualistic style/expression in their writing. Learn to stay clear of these traps and others that can be harmful.

We are a highly experienced group comprised of CSS Exam consultants, Coaches and Mentors. We at NORCCA have seen many English Essay errors. Here’s some helpful advice:

English Essay Mistakes CSS Students


English Essay Mistakes CSS Students

1. Select the most relevant topic, Not in general, but rather the most suitable one for You.

The most frequent mistake that candidates make each year during CSS examinations, as in other Competitive Exams such as PCS, PMS, etc., is choosing the wrong topic since the candidates are provided with the option of essay topics to pick from. Avoid the urge to rush to select a topic. Instead, take your time, and think about each case for a few minutes to understand the topic itself. Then take the time to read through the choices carefully and determine the issue (s) that offers the most excellent chance to present your ideas and writing skills in a way that is pleasing to the eye. If the Competitive Exam requires more than one EssayEssay, select distinct topics and subject areas so the FPSC Examiner gets a broader and more complete picture of your intelligence/knowledge. For example, if you’re an athlete, you should not compose at least one piece of writing on sports.

2. Address the Requirements of the Essay Topic.

Take the time to read the topic thoroughly and pay close focus to its various aspects. If, for instance, you select a subject named “Personalization as it relates to Pakistani Politics,” make sure that you take the time to look at each of the “Personalization” components critically and that “Pakistani Politics” portion. It is important to remember that the Essay Examiner is looking for an insight into your character, passion, and thinking. Be logical, not emotional, be broad in your thoughts but not narrow-minded; Be moderate, not extreme in your views.

English Essay Mistakes CSS Students

3. Be Specific.

The Essay Checkers/Examiners do not like an essay that is generic at all. If you’re required to discuss the reasons behind energy-related crises in Pakistan, Make sure that your EssayEssay addresses this specific need, rather than listing all the other information you may have about Energy problems. Be open to thinking imaginatively. Don’t be afraid of rescinding ideas! The most effective essays contain more excellent “show” in them than “tell.” Therefore, back your arguments with evidence specific to the topic, statistics, facts, and proof instead of generalizing your entire EssayEssay.

4. Make Your Essay The Right Length.

Many Competitive Examinations are held in Pakistan, requiring a specified number of words or words for their English essay papers. If the range is between 2000 and 2500 words, try to get within this range. If you have just a limit on the upper end, Don’t be worried. The Essay is thin. Be concise. Eliminate irrelevant details, clich├ęs, or poor-developed concepts. Don’t distract the reader or Examiner by reciting unnecessary phrases and words.

English Essay Mistakes CSS Students

5. Watch Your Tone(Expression).

If you appear to be unspoiled or a spoiled rich child or a lazy, sarcastic and pessimistic, pessimist or a cynic, examiners may decide that you’re not the ideal candidate to be considered for Government Service. But an occasional dose of humour is acceptable; however, don’t attempt to become a comedian.

6. Don’t fall in love with the Thesaurus. (Vocabulary Overdose)

This is among the most prevalent, typical Pakistani CSS aspirant mindsets. We love to impress the Examiner with the power of our language even if our sentences are beginning with no meaning and it’s not a problem (sarcasm). Avoid the temptation of being the sesquipedalian or to appear as a pedantic junkie! There’s no need to employ the word “big” within every phrase. Be careful when showing off your vocabulary. You could be displaying your language in a way that isn’t correct and appear insecure or too keen to impress. The Examiners don’t want to pick up a dictionary to comprehend your EssayEssay.

7. Before submitting the Essay essay, proofread carefully.

Do not let your excitement to finish your English essay result in you ignoring minor errors. small spelling or grammatical mistakes could ruin an otherwise fantastic paper. Instead, you should ensure that you have enough time (10-15mins at a minimum) to finish the piece to conduct a thorough analysis.

8. Organize Your Essay.

A great Competitive Examination essay generally contains a compelling opening, well-organized information, well-structured paragraphs or arguments and a convincing closing. If your EssayEssay isn’t structured and is rambling, the chances are that it will not impress the reader or Examiner. Create an outline first and plan the EssayEssay in paragraphs. Beware of the urge to rush away and begin writing. Being the Experts, we will tell you 100 times if we had to that up-front planning(Brainstorming+Outlining) of your essays is well worth the time invested. Not only will the standard of your writing be superior, but you’ll also save time in the end!

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